February 13, 2016
Over the CIC forums, poster DefianceIndustries made a nice tutorial on how to make and import high-res ships to WCP/SO. As he referenced the usage of a tool I had not yet put up here, it prompted me to finally do it. Get the tool called MATflags here.

August 16, 2010
Following the release of the WC4 high-resolution movies over the Wing Commander CIC, I cooked up an small installer to allow owners of the CD edition of WC4 to install it as a DVD version. The installer includes Gulikoza's patches, so most people should be able to fire off the game straight after the installer ends and having copied the high-res movies to into the game's folder. You can download the installer here.

Because this installer contains copyrighted files from Origin Systems (Electronic Arts), you may not host it or mirror it elsewhere unless you get permission from Electronic Arts first. So far only the Wing Commander CIC (which hosts this website) has such a permission.

August 27, 2009
Website update, fours years later ! Cleaned up the old junk new. It was funny to read now, years later... but irrelevant and outdated. I'll now add the few little tools I made for Standoff over the year on the files page.